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Looking to trade in your old laptop for a new one? SwapGears is one of Australia's leading dealers of second hand and refurbished devices. Browse our range online and trade your old laptop in for cash or store credit. Trade up from a MacBook or HP laptop to a newer model, or use your laptop trade in credit to buy a new phone, smartwatch or other device. The choice is yours. With accurate valuations and fast turnaround, SwapGears makes it easier than ever before to get new value from your old devices. Click here to get started the trade in process today or browse our range of devices online.

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Trade in Your Laptop in 3 Easy Steps

Through our specially designed assessment and valuation process we can give you an accurate price for your device in just a few simple steps. We

1.Fill out the online form for an accurate estimate of your device's value.
2.If you accept the quote given, we'll send you a pre-paid shipping kit for you to send your laptop to us.
3.After we run the final checks, you'll get your money or SwapGears credit deposited right into your account!

Laptop Trade in Easy Steps at Swap Gears
SwapGears Laptop Exchange

SwapGears Laptop Trade In

Make the most of your old Laptop with SwapGears. We love restoring old devices, transforming them into a device someone else can continue to enjoy for years to come. Browse our range of refurbished devices online and find a laptop, smartphone, smartwatch, iPad, tablet PC or something else. All devices we sell go through extensive checks and assessments to ensure they're in perfect working condition and will last the distance. We offer a 12 month warranty on all our devices, meaning that if anything goes wrong with your device as a result of our work on it we'll replace it or fix it for you at no cost.

Choose SwapGears for Your Devices

If you've got old laptops or other devices lying around, why not trade them in? Turn your old devices into cash or trade in for a new laptop or phone today. The SwapGears laptop trade in program makes it easier than ever before to get cash for your devices. If you have any questions about our services or products our team will be more than happy to help you out. Get started with SwapGears today!