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  1. Macbook Air 13 Inch - Intel Core i5/8GB RAM/128GB SSD
    4.8 / 5 | 12 Reviews
    Special price $638.00
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Buy New Refurbished MacBook Air in Australia

Are you looking for certified best-refurbished Apple MacBook Air in Australia? Swapgears is a perfect sustainable marketplace for buying certified refurbished MacBook Air. Our sellers test each device and it must pass 72-point before it’s shipped to the customer. Moreover, we provide free express postage, 30 days peace of mind and 12 months warranty on all purchases.

Why Choose Swapgears for Refurbished Apple MacBook in Australia

Choosing a swapgears means you’re doing something good for the environment, giving a device another chance and limiting the e-waste. We plant 1 tree on each sell at swapgears marketplace. Join us in reducing e-waste and plant more trees for betterment of our beautiful earth.

We Provide One Year Standard Warranty on Sustainable and Refurbished MacBook Air

All our MacBook Air come with a standard 12 Months warranty and 30 Days peace of mind from the date of purchase.

We sell only Certified Refurbished MacBook Air

All our vendors sell Genuine Apple MacBook and before listing them on swapgears, they do a 72-point checklist test and all devices must pass a full test to get listed on swapgears.

Should you buy a Refurbished MacBook ?

Sure. There are ample reasons to choose refurbished Apple MacBook over brand new ones..

  • Refurbished Apple MacBook are cheaper than brand new laptops
  • It's better to choose certified refurbished than used or second-hand laptops because they’re more reliable and trustworthy
  • Refurbished Apple MacBook comes with 12 months of warranty and 30 days peace of mind
  • It means you are supporting circular economy, sustainability, reducing e-waste and saving electronics from ending up in a landfill
  • What to consider before buying used vs. Refurbished Apple MacBook ?

    There are a few key terms that are important to understand before you decide to buy:

  • Used laptops are sold by a private seller, either in-person or online. They typically offer the most substantial discounts, but they also pose the greatest risk. Buyers must rely on the claims of an individual and generally have little to no recourse for broken promises.
  • Refurbished devices are that were used for some period before being returned to the vendor or manufacturer, and they generally perform diagnostics, cleans the device, and repackages it for sale at a competitive price.